Five Of The Smallest Cat Breeds

smallest cat breeds

The smallest cat breeds in the country can often have some of the cutest, most loving hearts. And once you learn just what makes each of those tiny kitties so special and little, you may even feel the need to bring one home as your fiercest and most beloved family member as well. Of course, there are a few things that all small breeds share that make them distinct and special, but the American Short hair is probably one of the most laid back and fun-loving. This is the breed that loves to cuddle up in your lap, or jump up on you when you sit on the couch or the bed.

An Overview

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Tiny size doesn’t mean lack of personality when it comes to these delightful little personalities. They do have some distinct differences from other short-haired breeds that are popular today, such as the Shih Tzu. However, even though the American Short hair is a bit smaller than the American Shih Tzu, it still has a large amount of body weight and a dense coat. The coat is naturally silky, giving this breed an inviting appearance and soft, fluffy feeling under your arms.

These adorable little beauties also have small, unique ears and a beautiful face that make them stand out among other breeds. If you’ve ever held one of these little beauties in your hand, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The American Short hair typically weights in at no more than ten pounds at the most, but they can actually be carried around for days and still not gain any weight. They even maintain their original weight, if you set a feeder up in their outdoor run while they’re inside. Their personalities are very playful and sweet, and they are very affectionate toward humans. When they want to snuggle up and cuddle, they may squat down on your lap and roll onto their stomachs.

Famous Breed

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The American Short hair is another extremely popular cat breed. They were originally bred in the United States and came from crossing a Caribbean Hairless Cat with a domestic cat. They have a sleek, velvety coat and adorable, round ears, which come in a variety of colors. Many of the American Short hair breeds are solid colored, but there are some with a variety of different patches and spots. This breed is most popular as a purebred, although they can actually be found as a registered, mixed breed as well.

The Japanese Bobtail is another tiny cat breed that is popular among many different owners. They are generally only a few inches long, but they can grow to be nearly five feet in length. The Bobtail has medium sized ears and a head that is unique in that it looks more like the head of a bobcat than a cat. They will weigh anywhere between eight and fifteen pounds, and they are popular as small pets around the world.

Top Breeds

The Russian Blue has a long, flowing coat that can reach six to nine inches in length. Their color can range from a rich chocolate color to a rich slate color, and they are sometimes referred to as blue lap cats because of their wide, green eyes. These are very affectionate and loyal pets, but they do need a little extra care. They can live up to 15 years on the diet that is designed for long-haired breeds, and they have somewhat fragile bones. They need a very nutritious diet with lots of raw flesh, chicken and eggs as well as fish.

The Birman breed is very closely related to the Birman cat, but the two are very different. Birman cats tend to be a bit skinnier than the Birman Blue. They can weigh anywhere from seven to ten pounds, and they have long, flowing coats that can reach anywhere from one to three feet in length. Their color can range from chocolate to fawn and they can have blue, green, gray or white colored eyes. They are very affectionate and loyal, but they do require a lot of extra care. They should have been sold as adults, because they are very delicate and need a lot of human interaction.


The Chihuahua is a very small cat breed, and they can weigh anywhere between four and eight pounds, with the largest being around fifteen pounds. They have very lovely, almond shaped eyes that will make them stand out in any crowd. They are also very intelligent and loyal, and many Chihuahuas are very popular among cat lovers. These little guys are very popular among toy pet owners who have medium build dogs. They have a medium sized, stocky legs that make it easy for them to move around without much hindrance.

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