Feral Cat- Knowing About The Species

Feral Cat- Knowing About The Species


People love to domesticate cats. The loving nature of cats has always made the humans hooked their attention onto them. But there is a specific kind of breed of cats that keeps itself aloof from us the humans. These types of cats are popularly known as the feral cats. These cats have a scientific name of Felis catus. Like any other individual or breed, these cats have too characterized themselves with a typical trait. Therefore the feral cat is a nice breed to keep as a pet.

Feral Cat- Knowing About The Species
Feral Cat- Knowing About The Species

These feral cats do not like to come in contact with humans. They generally keep themselves aloof from any human inhabitant. But we also have encountered an exception. Humans have always tried to help the animals. Thus there are people who find peace in feeding animals. Feral cats, on the contrary, do befriend people who have fed them for years. In this article, we try to know more and satisfy our inquisitive nature on feral cats.

Feral Cat- Behavior And Other Traits

All over the world, feral cats is the most common. Even though it is available widely all across the globe, feral cats are mostly found in a particular place. In the tropical regions and places, we find the feral cats. Feral cats are also very common in our country.

Feral cats are also responsible for the fame that some of the places have got. Because of the occurrence of these feral cats, some places have geographically become popular. These sites have become particularly important for studies of various animal organizations.

Feral Cat Eating Habits

Feral cats are carnivores. They kill other occupants of the same habitat and feed on them. Only when we humans take special care for them, these feral cats get to feed on proper cat food. These cat foods are nutritious and give them proteins and other nutrients that cats generally need for their sound health. The most attractive trait of these feral cats is that these cats feed on the wild nature. Even if a wide range of easy and readymade food is available to them, they willingly feed and hunt wild flora and fauna. They also eat dead plants and animals. Researches and studies have shown and proved the same too.

These feral cats, unique to the family of cats, like to prey on animals that are light-weighted. These feral cats love to prey on both the categories of animals that fall under vertebrates and invertebrates.

Humans Play A Vital Role In Existence Of Feral Cat

Feral cats as we have discussed avoid human contact. But we have also seen that without help and care from humans, these cats have encountered various issues and diseases and have died. Statistical studies show that when living amidst the wild nature, in forests and jungles, these feral cats tend to die faster. We have seen that feral cats die at an early age. Even before they turn two, these feral cats die. But on the contrary, feral cats are seen to live longer many times. When these feral cats stay and our nourished under humans, they live longer.

With poaching and other criminal offenses increasing each day, not only these feral cats are getting lost, but other animals are getting extinct too. To save these species from these offenses, the human organization takes up the responsibility of looking after their well being. We, the lovers of animals, are extremely taken by their noble task.

Feral Cat- Knowing About The Species
Feral Cat- Knowing About The Species
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