Features Of Ragdoll Cat As A Pet


Ragdoll cat is not a new name for cat lovers. In fact, it is the personality of the cat which attracts the owners. This breed of the cat is medium haired, large, possesses beautiful colors, and has blue eyes. However, many people are confused about the temperament of the breed. Thus, they often misjudge whether the ragdoll will make it a good pet or not.

What Makes Ragdoll Cat A Good Pet?

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A ragdoll cat displays a strong personality. However, they are also known to have rabbit like soft fur. So, let us read about some of the best features of the breed. These features would definitely help you to judge on the good qualities of a Ragdoll cat.

They Are Affectionate

This particular breed is counted among some of the most affectionate cats. In fact, they can rank higher than standoffish in affection. Moreover, the Ragdoll cat is much in love with its human companions. Whenever you are in a mood of cuddling, you can go to your cat. Moreover, it is in the habit of following you from one room to another. Thus, it has earned the name of being a ‘puppycat.’

Features Of Ragdoll Cat As A Pet
Features Of Ragdoll Cat As A Pet

It Has Earned The Name Well

The particular breed of cat has rightly earned its name of being a ragdoll. The reason is that when you pick it up, it just relaxes, just like a ragdoll. Thus, you can surely enjoy the company of your pet whenever you are in a mood to relax and rejuvenate.

It Is Large

This gentle breed of cat is counted among the largest cats. Moreover, you need to support it with both hands when you are picking it up. The male Ragdoll can weigh up to 20 pounds while female cats can weigh up to 15 pounds. However, when they are still kittens, they show rapid spurts growth. Thus, you need to make sure that you give them enough to eat. This will help them to grow into healthy grown-ups.

It Possesses Quality Coat

The breed of the cat possesses an exquisitely soft and shiny coat. The coat is long in length and is available in six colors and four patterns. However, make sure to brush it twice to avoid any kind of tangles and mats. The cat is sure to love the grooming sessions due to its accepting personality.

Features Of Ragdoll Cat As A Pet
Features Of Ragdoll Cat As A Pet

It Is A Dog Lover

If you are worried about compatibility between your dogs and cats, then Ragdoll would be a perfect option for you. The particular breed gets along really well with different varieties of dogs. The cat is popular for its tolerant attitudes towards other animals.


Ragdoll is a perfect and flawless pet which can make your life really exciting. It is also one of the friendliest cats available on Earth. Thus, you can leave behind all the myths and confusions regarding the breed. Moreover, you can even consult a professional who can give you certain tips on how to take care of the breed. Happy Spending Time With Ragdoll Cat!

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