Exotic Cat Breeds To Consider

exotic cat breeds

The Exotic Cat breeds have a large category of feline breeds that are considered popular pets among cat owners throughout the world. Exotic cats are a subcategory of exotic animals. Their exact classification is still subject to ongoing debate even though it is generally agreed that they are cats that do not originate from the wild but are nurtured in captivity. The Exotic Cat may be of any color, any breed, and any size. They are also a very popular choice for house pets due to their affectionate and devoted personalities. These reasons have made them a very popular choice for those looking for cats to add to their households and to those looking for cats for pets.

Famous Breeds

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The most famous Exotic Cat breeds are the Bobtail, Persian, Indonesian, Tanahari, and the Philippine Manatee. The Exotic Bobtail is a short-haired breed of exotic cat bred as a cross between the Bobtail and the Persian. The Exotic Bobtail is much like the Persian in terms of conformation and nature, with the only exception of the short thick coat. This breed is otherwise known as Manatee in Europe and Asia and the Oriental Manatee in North America.

The Persian is another very popular breed. These are wild cats from Iran, whose natural habitat is the desert. Persian cats look very much like their wild ancestors, but they have been bred in captivity to produce the tamest modern version. They are thought to descend from the Anbar or Aryan cat families native to the southwest.

More Popular Breeds

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The other two most common exotic cat breeds are the Tanahari and the Philippine dragons. The Tahari is a mutation of the Siamese cat. It looks just like the mainland long-coated Malayan. The Philippine dragon li was originally from China and was bred by an American in his pet store. Although this particular breed is not as common as the other two, it is still very beautiful and a very popular choice for pets.

Perhaps the most recognized feline wild animal breed is the Serval. Servals are commonly used in falconry shows and for bird hunting. A Serval is a nocturnal animal that sleeps on the ground in its natural habitat. These animals have a thick, padded coat and a low sloped back. The body is covered with a thick, bushy mane that stands erect.

Bengal Cat Breed

Probably one of the most recognizable exotic cat breeds is the Bengal. This breed is a native of Southeast Asia, and its original home is now Malaysia. The word “Bengal” means “wild ox” in Sanskrit, and these animals are known for their long, strong legs, their lustrous fur, and even though they are domesticated, they are still extremely friendly and family-oriented. Many breeders keep them in tiny cages indoors because of their temperament.

The third popular feline breed is the Manx. The word “Manx” comes from the words “man” and “x” in place of “man.” These creatures look like striped socks with short rounded ears and a coat that looks more like a coat of fine fur than any other type of feline. Manx has a very playful nature and is naturally affectionate toward their owners. They love to be petted and snuggled and will often curl up in your lap. They can be very playful, and some have been known to dig holes and bury puppies in them to play with them.


As you can see, many exotic cat breeds make great additions to any household. However, knowing which ones to choose is crucial because each breed will bring something unique to the table. If you are looking for a pet that is lively, friendly, has a playful personality, possesses a beautiful coat, and is extremely rare, you might want to consider a Siberian or Burmese. These three cats possess characteristics unique to them, and each one has been considered extremely rare, making them a perfect choice for cat owners who seek something truly unique.

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