Everything You Need To Know About The Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue cat is called Russian blue for a reason. It’s because of their stylish and soft thick grey coats that almost look like its color blue. This breed is incredibly friendly and sweet with their owners and other family members, which make them a great companion for kids.

When around strangers, however, they can be shy and awkward cats, but in general they are sociable and playful cats. As we mentioned, this beautiful breed of cat has a thick double coat of fur that looks silver, and they also have green wide-set eyes. The cat’s hair is so beautiful that other owners have said that they could draw on their fur and it would stay that way until it’s brush flat.

They are also knowledgeable and are known to be quick learners. They even play fetch. Even though they are friendly, they can also be very quiet and reserved with other people they are not used to.  If you are looking for a cat that has all the same qualities that the Russian blue has, then this might be the right breed for you.

Want to know more about them? In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about this cat and by the end of the article? You’ll want to get one for yourself. Take a look at these:

Everything you need to know about the Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat: They are loving Cats

If you’re this cat’s favorite person, then be ready to get non stop attention from this one. Russian blue cats get very attached to their owners, and they show nothing but unconditional love. She will stick by your side at all times, and bring you all kinds of happiness when you are sad.

She will work her healing powers of comfort on you until you are up and feeling better again. Are you prepping dinner by any chance? She’ll chill right next to you, probably right next to your feet acting like the designated taste tester.  She also loves being brushed, so while you are watching tv, you can always pick her up, or she will sit beside you while you stroke her fur.

This cat is all about love, and if you are looking for this kind of companion for your home and your kids, then the Russian blue will be the best choice.

Everything you need to know about the Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cat: It follows a schedule always

Most people don’t get discipline right away, but with the Russian blue however, habit is very important. In terms of daily activities, meals should always arrive on time, and her environment should remain quiet and calm. Think of this cat as your own personal alarm clock.

So, if you have a hard time waking up in the morning or having trouble going to bed at night, she will tell you when its time to do so. The Russian blue is Definitely a cat that will put the lack of discipline in you in the dirt.

Russian Blue Cat: It moves with grace always

When you see the Russian blue walking around, you’ll automatically think of a ballerina. So, while you are doing your chores or just relaxing around the house, you can expect to see this cat dancing gracefully through the hallways of your house whenever she feels appropriate to do so.

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