All About The Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll cats are one of a kind. If you are wondering what comes second to the Persian, then you will be glad to know that the Ragdoll reaches that expectation. The Ragdoll cat breed is one of the most gorgeous and unique cat breeds in the world. They are considered to be a cat breed with unique traits as well.

Ever wonder where they get their names from? Well, they are called ragdolls because of the amount of fur that they have, which usually includes long hair. A lot of people who own one complains about the excessive shedding, and that all information about this cat breed could be misleading.

Due to this complaint, a lot of ragdolls are turned away by their owners or given away because they find it hard to keep up with the cat.  If you are considering owning one for yourself, however, we will help you make up your mind and maybe clear up some of the important facts. Take a look at these:

Everything you need to know about Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats: Grooming

Here’s a common misconception that others have about ragdolls. Some have said that this breed is considered mat-free. We do not want to tell you that it isn’t true, because it is, but this problem could be fixed with proper grooming.

This cat breed needs to be groomed on a regular day to day basis, and it is essential that you do so every day. Since the cat’s fur is very long, it’s very easy for it to become matted if you do not take care of it properly.

Unless you are prepared to take care of them as needed, then it would be recommended that you find another breed that will fit your lifestyle.

Ragdoll cats: Shedding

A lot of websites that give out information with regards to the ragdoll cat claim that they do not shed as much fur as you would expect, but this is not true. This cat breed has an unbelievably thick coat with long hair, which makes them shed a lot.

If you live in a cool place where the climate is very cool, you will not have many problems with their shedding. If you live in a tropical place though, you will have a hard time as they are not designed to live in hot areas.

Unless you are ready to take on that much shedding, only get a ragdoll if you live in a climate that is cool and if you are prepared to pick up after their hair.

Ragdoll cats: Lap/cuddle cats

If you are looking for a cat that you can put on your lap or bring along with you everywhere, then the ragdoll may not be your best option. However, don’t let this be a hindrance to your decision, because some ragdolls do like affection, while others won’t.

Unlike many other cat breeds out there, most ragdolls take a little time to warm up to their owners and be comfortable in their living space. Over time though, when they are used to you, they will show you a lot of attention.

Everything you need to know about Ragdoll Cats


Most people who have an allergy to cats often complain that their allergies come from the saliva or fur. Ragdolls do not have an undercoat, and because they do not have one, most people like to think that they are not hypoallergenic.

Unless you know for certain what triggers your allergies, you won’t be certain what you could be allergic to. Like all cats, ragdolls use their tongues to groom themselves, which mean that there could be saliva all over their body, so being allergic to this breed of a cat could be a huge possibility for you.

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