Everything You Want To Know About Persian Cats

Persian cats have always been known to be the princess breed of the cat world. They are one of the oldest breeds as well. It’s sweet, elegant, charming, calm, and loyal.  One of the top five Persian breeds is the Himalayan variety.

Persians are also considered decorative cats, but as we mentioned they could be very affectionate towards their owners, and absolutely adore people. They not only make great companions, but they are also able to adapt to any kind of living situation that you may have. Persians are happy anywhere, whether its in a house full of loud kids, or with an elderly retired couple.

If you treat this princess with nothing but kindness, she can live up to a very long time with you. Take note, however, that you should not get a Persian cat if you do not have any plans of grooming her on a daily basis, as these cats require a lot of grooming and maintenance.

Contrary to popular belief that Persians are naturally grumpy animals, and stuck up most of the time, that is not true! Sure, they may have the image of a grumpy cat but they are the exact opposite.

Everything you need to know about Persian Cats

They make Great Roommates

Persian cats make the ultimate companions in the bedroom, plus they make good lap cats too. They are the type of cat you can string around with you anywhere, and they won’t care.

They are also the type of cats the love to snuggle with their owners but they do not demand attention, unlike other breeds. However, when they do want something from you, expect them to be melodically vocal about it, or tell you about it quietly. If you have a mellowed out Persian, they can also be great with other animals and kids around the house.

They enjoy gentle playing, which includes tea parties with your kids, a game of catch, or something that doesn’t require that much energy to complete.

They come in Different Colors

Persians come in many different sizes and colors. They have a total of 7 coat colors, which include: Solid, Silver, Golden, Shaded, Smoke, Tabby, Bicolor, Himalayan, and Particolor. In examples, White is the most common that is shown of the breed, but there are also other solid colors, which include black, chocolate, lilac, and blue.

Most Persians that come in Gold or Silver have green or blue eyes. Those that are shaded or smoke colored have Bright colored penny eyes. The Tabbies are very commonly extroverted out of the breed.

Grooming and Health Care

It’s important to remember that because Persian cats have long fur, they need to be groomed every day. They also shed a lot of furs, which is advisable to just bring them to a groomer, so that the fur won’t fly around your house.

They often leave big wads of fur throughout the year. If you do not plan on picking up after this cat, especially if you are not prepared to take care of all the fur, then you may as well look for a less furry cat.  Persians require daily brushing and care for their coats not to get tangled and dirty.

Along with taking care of their coats, you should also be aware of their breathing. Some Persians have a scruffy looking nose, which makes them have breathing difficulties and be sensitive to high temperatures.

Make sure that you talk to your vet about their health conditions, so that you are fully aware of how to treat it should the need arise.

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