All About Bengal Cats


Bengal Cats are a domesticated version of a wild cat. If you have fantasized about owning a leopard all of your life, then the Bengal cat is the closest you’ll ever get. We all know that leopards are too big, and are wild animals, so why would anyone want to keep them as house pets?

With a Bengal cat, you get the best of both worlds, plus they can be affectionate and housed as pets. The Breed is a result of a cross between the Asian leopard cat and a standard domestic cat.  Because of this, it gives them the look of a wild cat, but with the temperament of a normal house cat.

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Many cat breeders have tried to create a hybrid for this cat ever since the 1800’s but they have always failed shamelessly. It wasn’t until 1983 that an actual and beautiful result of the breed was created.

These awesome animals are just full of energy and are not really the most recommended to those who aren’t prepared to give their full attention and devotion to taking care of it. Even better, this breed loves the water, unlike other house cats. Although they have a reputation for being naughty felines, they can be trained. With proper attention, these cats can make great companions.

Like their cousins, they are breeds that love to climb. The higher the place, the better. It’s important that you provide them with tall trees and windows. They have a variety of patterns, which can come in marble or a spotted tabby.

If you are considering adopting or buying a Bengal cat for yourself, here are some important tips to take note of before you make your decision:

How to get to know your Bengal Cat

Everything you need to know about Bengal Cats

Before you make any decisions, here are some important parts of the Bengal cat that you should be looking at, which will be discussed in detail:

  • Head – Compared to other breeds of a house cat, the Bengal cat’s head is a lot smaller than its body.  This is a result of the wild leopard genes. Along with its head, it also has small ears, which makes them very unique and sensitive to hearing.
  • General Appearance – As we have mentioned above, the Bengal cat has two very distinctive coats, which can either be marbled or spotted. It coat is what makes it look like a leopard. It’s a very agile and athletic animal, which makes it seem like a miniaturized leopard.
  • Temperament – Bengal cats are not like leopards of course, but they are the type of cats that can be a bit shy around strangers. With their owners however, they can be very affectionate, and will often be one to form very strong and loyal bonds with them.  Bengals are generally considered high maintenance cats, because they are very intelligent, adventurous, and needs a lot of daytime activities to keep them occupied.

They are also very vocal cats so if they do not like something, or need something from you, they will let you know.

  • Paws – Unlike other cats, the Bengal has hind legs that are just slightly longer than its front legs. This allows them to arch their backs when they are standing up right.
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