DIY Cat Grooming: A Crash Course

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Wanna share a special bond with your pet? You must build an approach toward how you treat your four-legged friend. Cat lovers all over the world need to undergo a crash course in cat grooming. Patience and grooming vary with the type of cat. Short-haired cats need less, while long-haired like Persians need more intricate grooming that requires a lot more patience.

DIY Cat Grooming: A Crash Course
DIY Cat Grooming: A Crash Course

Start Off Cat Grooming Techniques

At the start of cat grooming, you better follow short grooming techniques, as follows

  • Bathing
  • Brushing
  • Cleaning Nails
  • Removing fleas
  • Cleaning Eyes
  • Cleaning Teeth
  • Checking ears

DIY For Successful Cat Grooming

  • Cats are self-grooming. Hence, they don’t need to be bathed daily. However, if furs seem greased, dirty, or with allergies, you decide its bath time for your kitty. Mind you, cats don’t like bathing, so better protect yourself from getting hurt by the cat’s claws. Diluted water you use for a dishwasher, followed by a pet-sensitive shampoo, might help to rinse the kitty. It would be best if you put cotton balls in your pet’s ears as a protective measure
  • Shedding hairs can get prevented if you brush your pet. You can choose a sturdy stainless steel brush with crowded teeth, or a slicker brush consisting of bent nail-like bristles. Furthermore, gloves, and the Hartz Hairball Remedy Plus, are quite favorable brushing tools just right for your kitty.
  • A concerning situation crops up when fleas infest your pet. A veterinary doctor can help you in case of an emergency. A flea comb can solve the need. These metal combs have fine bristled teeth. Those work well in extracting the flees out of fur.
DIY Cat Grooming: A Crash Course
DIY Cat Grooming: A Crash Course
  • Nails, the scariest appendage of a cat, needs regular grooming. Moreover, this enables your friend to keep away from infections and dirt. 
  • Cleaning Eyes are more necessary for certain breeds like Persian. Eye matter gets clogged. So, you should clean them with wet cloth or cotton ball soaked if used carefully across the lower eyelid. This will consequently allow you to get free of the mess. 
  • Cleaning Ears is a process of wiping the visible part of the ear lobe of your pet by simply folding it backward. The ear canal is recommended not to intervene. In case of necessity, a vets recommendation should work. Medicines are available to cure.
  • Dental hygiene should start to get your kitty, familiar with the routine. A gauze dipped in tuna water and repeated slow rubbing the teeth will get your kitty acquainted with the process. Toothbrush and toothpaste, especially for cats, can take over, once your pet likes brushing.

2-Sided Professional Pet Hair Brush For Cat Grooming

So, it is quite evident that brushing your pet delivers multiple benefits. First, it keeps your pet well-groomed. Second, they help in preventing furs from shedding. Third, they are the most friendly activity for your pet. Lastly, you can fight against fleas that can infest your pet.

A 2-Sided Professional Pet Hair Brush can be useful for you. These brushes have an ergonomically designed handle component that fits your hand appropriately. This grooming kit is comfortable, non-slip as well as durable. This all-in-one tool design suits your pets well. You can perform de-shedding, de-matting, and brushing activity simultaneously. Their size is 11cmx8.5cmx18.5cm, made out of other materials. 

DIY Cat Grooming: A Crash Course
DIY Cat Grooming: A Crash Course

Bottom Line

If you love your pet, avail a crash course to know how to tackle the grooming endeavors for your pet. Patience is a crucial attitudinal skill that is required for pet grooming. The crash course serves your reference as to how to bathe, brush, and also maintain hygiene routine meant for your cat. In case of emergency, consult veterinary doctors. Medicines can make life easier.

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