Color Personality of Tabby Cats


What fur color do your tabby cats have? Don’t you know that our felines personality varies on their fur colors? Will you agree?

It is known that a cat’s personality depends on how you take care of them. Yes, it is true, but their breed also plays a significant role in their personality and characters. On the other hand, some studies show that a felines character can also be color coded. Let’s check if you will agree, especially for breeds like tabby cats.

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Color Personality of Tabby Cats
Color Personality of Tabby Cats


  • Orange and Black. This color of a cat is home buddies. Cats with orange and black colors are flashy. They have clear coats which came like a chromosome of orange.
  • Orange. This color is common to a male tabby cat which is known for being chatterers. Some trivia mentioned that their talkative personality was because of their coats color.
  • Brown. Brown tabbies are social cats. They act clumsy and wild.
  • Ray. These feline tabbies are the embodiment of their country which is Switzerland. This breed of cats is friendly and can get along with anybody.
  • Black. Well, black cats are well known to bring bad luck, but black tabbies are sweet and loving felines that you can have.
  • White. White tabbies are gentle and calm kitties. They act with grace and poise too.
Color Personality of Tabby Cats
Color Personality of Tabby Cats

Tabby Cats Nature

Tabbies are cute and calm. Though they have different colors and patterns, they are one of the most loved breeds of feline. It is very interesting to take care of this kind of cat breed. They have unique genes and coats. Tabby cats have distinct coat markings in several forms such as sports, whirls, and stripes.

Varieties of tabby’s colors are mentioned above and are believe to be connected in one’s character. Tabbies with stripes color are compared to tigers often. They are graceful and charming in public. Just like other breeds, tabbies are friendly and playful which are contradicting to some belief that cats are anti-social and aloof. Tabbies are an attention seeker. They love to climb to their owners’ bed. Most tabby cats are lazy too and laid back. They also spend most of their time playing. They are the smart and sharp type of felines.

Tabby’s Love

Color Personality of Tabby Cats
Color Personality of Tabby Cats

Cats are a lovely creature which is love to be loved and cuddled. They got easily attached as well especially to the one who always take care of their daily chores. A study shows that tabbies are cheerful and affectionate like other cat’s breed and that cats color affect their personalities. Felines really love to be on their owner’s lap and rub their body to people’s legs to show their sweetness and affection.

Perhaps, the tabby cats color mentioned above will help you decide what color of tabbies you will choose to adopt. Again, this kind of breed is willful and occasionally stubborn too. Cats are clumsy in nature also, and they love to go out for fun, but tabbies are different from them. Tabby breeds are exclusively home buddy pets.

So, what color of felines suits your taste? Well, I hope the colors I mentioned will give you a hint to what color of tabby cats you will choose. I have white and gray cats and a white one at home. They are graceful felines and loves to stay on my bed. Choose your feline and visit an animal shelter to help adopt a pet.

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