Choosing The Right Accessories For Your Cat

cat ears accessories

Maybe your cat doesn’t have very good hearing, so you might be thinking that there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re probably thinking that you’re stuck with a house cat with no real personality. However, you don’t have to live with that scenario. There are plenty of things you can do to give your feline friend personality and you can make all the difference in the world by finding the right accessories.

Cat Ears Accessories Come In Many Shapes And Sizes

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There are ones for indoor cats and ones for outdoor cats, as well as ones made especially for training or clip-on training. If you’re considering adding some sort of accessory to your cat’s head, you should take a look at the types that are available. The ears themselves come in several varieties, including fabric, foam, plastic, and rubber. Each type is meant to provide a certain level of comfort to your cat.

If you want to increase the comfort of your cat’s ears, you might want to consider an insert for your cat’s ears. These insert pads are designed to fit over each ear and are very comfortable for your cat. They come in various sizes to fit different sized ears. They are quite affordable and if you buy them for your cat from a reputable store or company, they may even come with a warranty.

Clip-on earflaps are another item to consider. These are great for cat’s ears that are shaped oddly because it’s hard for their earflaps to fit into every direction. Clip-ons fit over each ear, thus increasing the comfort level for your cat. They are available in various styles and designs, so you can find something that matches your cat’s existing look. This is also a great option if your cat has an unusual shape of a cat’s ears.

Cat Ear Mittens Are Also Popular Cat’s Ears Accessories

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These are designed to keep your cat’s ears protected and to ensure that they don’t get dirty. Ear mittens come in various sizes to fit most cats, but generally they have one large button on the top of the cat mittens. You press this large button once, and it securely fits around your cat’s ears. Your cat doesn’t have to try to remove their ear mittens each time they need them.

Cats that like to scratch things, like their nails, generally need a scratching pad to help them with this natural behavior. Scratching pads generally come in squeezable sizes so that your cat will be able to play with it. You simply cover the cat scratching pad with a towel when it’s not in use, and your cat can have a safe place to scratch where they can’t reach things. You’ll probably have to replace the pads often, though, since your cat will tear them to pieces if you don’t take care of this natural behavior. These accessories can be quite expensive.


Ear mittens and tube cleaners are two of the more common cat accessories. These can be very useful for reducing scratching, but in the end, if your cat does not like having her ears touched, you may have to find other ways to reduce her problem. You can even find cat ear mousetraps that attach to your cat’s ears and gradually move downward, removing the majority of her hair while still leaving a small amount of hair behind. These are often the most effective as well.

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