How To Pick Your Kitten From The Litter

Buying or adopting brand new kittens is one of the most exciting decisions you could ever make.  If you manage to take care of your kitten very well, you can have a happy, healthy, well-maintained cat that lives up to 18 years or more.

This means that choosing the right kitten for your home is essential and shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many things to consider, which includes the personality of your cat, and your living conditions to name a few. Look closely at their characteristics, so that you can choose one that best fits your personality and lifestyle.

It’s also important to choose a kitten that is healthy, so you do not have to worry about potential veterinary costs. If you are still torn about this decision, you can take a look at these quick tips to help you in choosing a kitten. Take a look at these:

Choosing the Best Kittens for your Home

Check the Age of your Potential Kitten

Getting a kitten that is too young will be too stressful and even life-threatening. Usually, before you buy one or before anyone else attempts to sell them in pet stores, they have already been weaned before 8 weeks of age.

But as experts would suggest, they need to stay with their mothers or other littermates until at least 12 weeks of age.  This is so they can develop properly and allow themselves to be comfortable in different environments and social settings.

If you find that you are buying a kitten that has been taken away from her mother just before the weaning process has finished, then there’s a huge possibility that your kitten my develop alarming behaviors like sucking on your fingers, or on other objects.

It’s very important that you find out of the age first before considering anything.

Choosing the Best Kittens for your Home

Check their Personality and Socialize a Little

People often make a mistake sometimes of choosing a kitten based on their outside appearance. No matter how bad you want that cute little guy with blue eyes and spots, don’t allow the outer appearance rule over your decision alone. Also, consider their personalities and how they interact so that you can get a clear glimpse of what they will be like when you bring them home.

If you have kids around, it is essential that you get a cat that will not be too docile around your children.  Pick a time when the litter of kittens is active, so that you can tell which one’s the most social. Here’s what you should be keeping watch for:

  • Look for confident and playful kittens for children – Having a lazy, timid or unsociable cat is not going to work with your kids. It’s because most timid kittens do not want to be around a rough and startling environment where kids want to play. Make sure that you find one that is not only gentle, but also knows how to get along with playtime.
  • Play with the kittens – This is another great way to check for the cat’s personality. Use something other than your finger to entice it to play, if they express an interest, then you may have a winner.
  • Pick them up – After playing with them, try to pick one up. A little squirming or moving around is perfectly normal, however, they shouldn’t hiss at you or try to bite.
  • Ask the breeder or seller for questions – The way the kitten was raised can make a huge impact on its personality. Learn everything that you can about her personality.
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