Choosing Cute and Fun Kitten Names


So, I guess you receive a new cat, and you’re thinking of the cutest and adorable kitten names for her or him. Am I correct?

A lot of people are choosing kitten names based on their favorites characters, from heroes to cartoons or brands. On the other hand, if I am to decide as a cat lover, I will think through it.

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In choosing an excellent name for felines, it is very helpful to check into something related to their breeds. You have the choice to look into something related to their origins like Japanese names or American names.

Choosing Cute and Fun Kitten Names
Choosing Cute and Fun Kitten Names

Colors and Patterns Matter!

Colors and cat patterns also play a significant role in choosing kitten names. So, several feline fanatics based their cat names in colors and shape patterns of their coats. For instance, white cats are always named as whitey, milk and icy, while black cats are often regarded as Night, Blacky or Charcoal. Few white and black felines of often names as Dice, Domino or Oreo. Cats character are one factor as well in choosing cat names. Is your cat lazy head, fun, loud, or timid?

Unisex Names from Commercials

In addition to the suggestions mentioned above in choosing kitten names, you need to check as well if the name is suitable for male or female feline. You can select an array of unisex names like   Whisper, Stripes, and Sky, but for some, they give their cats names based from known animal characters such as Snoopy, Hatchie, Twisty, Garfield or Puss. Opting for a well-known name out of commercials, movies or TV films is good to give recognition on their characters and behaviors.

Choosing Cute and Fun Kitten Names
Choosing Cute and Fun Kitten Names

If you cannot find the right name for your cat, there are websites online that can help you. Some will consider looking for a unique name from different countries. Some will opt for their favorite liquors, foods, place and more.

Character Names

We love cats as much as they love us. For cat lovers like us, choosing the right kitten names for our newly adopted babies is very important. Internet plays a significant help in selecting the best names for our felines aside from our usual suggestions. Regardless of the fact, felines are affectionate, elite and most graceful pets you will have. They might have goofy activities at times, but they are still cute. They offer joy and love to the household.

All of us wants a unique name for our pets. And, like for our beloved kittens, we can call them clumsy, lazy, joy, or love. Most kittens would love cuddles and tranquility. This is the reason why many people came up with weird names.

Choosing Cute and Fun Kitten Names
Choosing Cute and Fun Kitten Names

It is fun to welcome kittens at home and exciting to give the best kitten names for them. Selecting the best names for them is really fun and overwhelming. I have four kittens at home, and I chose to name them after their mother. My Persian cat was named Yuki, so I gave her little felines name as Yuri, Yuko, Yumi, and Yue. I love Japanese anime as well that is the reason why they sound more like Japanese names. Choose the best names according to your interests and likes, that’s is one good suggestion!

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