Cat Tunnel Foldable Interactive Toy

A great interactive toy! Cats love to run into tunnels, and the crinkly fabric of these gives them added interest. There’s a dangling ball toy in it. Collapsible for compact storage. They’re spring-loaded, so they pop open and are ready to play instantly. This cat tunnel is foldable, durable and comfortable, with no worry about scratching and deformation.

Cat Tunnel Foldable Interactive Toy

 Cat Tunnel Foldable Interactive Toy
Cat Tunnel Foldable Interactive Toy

Great for single cats, and even better for multiple cats. It provides an all-purpose play environment for cats to run, chase, hide, tumble, tussle, and ambush! Cat tunnels are like portable fairgrounds for your feline friends. Anything they can jump in and out of – boxes, carrier bags, space under the bed, you name it, if they can hide in there and pop out when you least expect it, they are in seventh heaven.

With different opening to chase each other and play hide and seek, multicat families will be equally entertained. Do cat really needs a toy to play with? Why can’t you just buy this cat tunnel and experience the happiness looking at your cat? You can keep your cat entertained for hours. They become very funny when playing on this tunnel and you can sit back and enjoy adorning your cat.

This is a perfect gift for a cat lover. It has two peepholes and a fluffy ball that catches your cat’s interest. Buy this tunnel if you really wish to keep your cat healthy both mentally and physically.

You don’t even have to worry about their daily exercise. You must give pets a healthy life as a responsible owner. Let your cat be healthy by using this foldable tunnel.

Cure Your Pet’s Boredom

Foldable Crinkle Play Tunnel with 2 Windows is the ultimate all-in-one activity center. Not only does it make fun crinkling sounds as your cat runs through it, but it’s a great hiding spot for kitties on the hunt that are ready to pounce on unsuspecting mouse toys. At almost four feet long, this play tunnel is ideal for pet parents with multi-cat households. Cats love running and chasing each other through the tunnel and peeking out of the two lookout windows at each end. To add to the fun, there’s a toy ball that hangs down from the top of the tunnel for cats to bat around. When it’s time for a nap, kitties can curl up and use the tunnel as their own quiet retreat. It’s covered in a soft suede fabric in a brown that will complement any room’s décor.

Foldable For Easy Storage

Foldable and portable: the cat tunnels are designed with elastic straps that can fold downward for easy travel and storage. This product is very easy to set up and wrap up as it has easy storage as its foldable. You will save a lot of space because of this foldable feature. This is specially created for small pets to play in. It is very spacious for cats and kittens with enough space to have the freedom to play and exercise simultaneously.

Cat Tunnel Foldable

The lightweight, spring-loaded frame makes it easy to fold flat and stow away when playtime’s over. The two peepholes will never let your pet to bore themselves. The best part of this product is you can watch your cat play when they are inside the tunnel. This tunnel will provide your cat hours of exercise with a lot of fun to play. You won’t be disappointed with purchasing this product. The material used is very soft and warm which will keep them warm even in winters. It is a hair-free Oxford material that will last longer than normal tunnels. They might be made for felines, but Frisco’s scratching posts and crinkle chutes keep pet parents in mind when it comes to convenience. With a spring-loaded frame, the lightweight crinkle play tunnels fold flat so you can easily store them.

Frisco scratching posts are easy to assemble and help save your furniture from kitty claws. Instead of using the side of the couch, kitties can get all their precious scratching time in with these vertical scratchers.

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