Cat Lives To Human Life Expectancy By Jim Barnet

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“Cats Don’t Live To Human Life Expectancy” is by Jim Barnet. This is an excellent book for anyone who has just learned how a cat lives or is considering adding one as a pet. The author discusses how to train a cat to behave appropriately and how to maintain their health and happiness in a household.

I read this book because Barnet lives in the UK, and most of his books are published in the U.S. There is also a companion book, entitled “We Are What We Eat: How You Can Love Animals, Eat Wisely and Live Life Successfully.” I like both of these books and look forward to reading them.

Cat Lives To Human Life Expectancy By Jim Barnet
Cat Lives To Human Life Expectancy By Jim Barnet


In this book, Barnet shares some of his knowledge about cats. He outlines what he feels are the main characteristics of the cat species. As we go through the book, we learn about a cat’s diet, the general history of cats, and how to care for them.

Barnet encourages us to share the good times with our pets. He shares the stories of his own cat and says that it will be helpful to you.

Barnet does not dwell on the feline behavior problems of aggression, aggression toward humans, or cats biting people. He does, however, give you tips on socializing your cat so they live in a community with other cats. When people visit the house, they might get overly friendly with their cats and encourage them to dig, jump, or bite. That would really be a loss to both cats and people.


Barnet offers advice on training a cat to behave well in the home. We learn that your cat may have a habit of eliminating near the area where guests are visiting. You need to teach your cat that the area is off-limits to strangers. Your cat may also be exhibiting undesirable behavior such as chewing furniture or scratching. Here again, Barnet offers advice on training your cat so it will stop doing these things. He is very cautious about having a cat have a “neighborhood cat” problem.

Barnet encourages you to discuss the use of cat litter with your cat. He discusses the cost and types of litter boxes. He tells you how to clean up cat urine.

Cat Lives To Human Life Expectancy by Jim Barnet
Cat Lives To Human Life Expectancy By Jim Barnet


Barnet gives several hints as to what you can do if your cat becomes ill or has a medical problem. It is a small book, but the information is sound.

Barnet tells you about the many other species of cats that live in the same way as cats. If you know how to handle them, they can live comfortably in your home.

Barnet also talks about how you can introduce the cat to another family member. In fact, I read this book at the recommendation of a friend who has two cats.

Barnet says that he does not recommend a great deal of interaction between your cat and your human family member. In fact, most of the book deals with how to care for cats in the home, which has a lot to do with helping you be a responsible pet owner.

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