Cat Hydration: Do Cats Drink Water

Cat Hydration: Do Cats Drink Water

As water is essential for us, it is vital for cats too. However, many cats do not like to drink water, particularly if the water is standing. So, what to do? There are many ways of making your cat drink water. If you have a cat at home, knowing about cat hydration is crucial for you.

Cat Hydration: Do Cats Drink Water
Cat Hydration: Do Cats Drink Water

How Will You Identify Dehydration In Cats?

Many signs are there with which you can understand that your cat is dehydrated.

  • Tiredness
  • Dry mouth
  • Not feeling hungry
  • The elasticity of skin decreases
  • Panting

If you notice any of these signs in your cat, consult the veterinarian without delay.

Importance Of Cat Hydration

Hydration is nothing but a physiological state through which the minerals, electrolytes, and fluids remain in a balanced condition. Be it circulation or digestion, water is required for everything. You should understand that every kitty is not the same. Their liking is different too. So, you should opt for different ways according to your pet’s preference.

Cat Hydration: Tips

Below are a few suggestions that you can apply to your cats. It is because making your pet drink more water is challenging. So, you have to explore different ways until the kitty likes something.

Proper Water Bowl

Do you use narrow and deep water bowl for your cat? If so, then exchange it with a shallow and wide dish so that the cat can drink water quickly. Moreover, it will not touch its whiskers. So she can have more water without feeling uncomfortable.

Correct Location Is Also Vital

In the majority of the houses, the food and water bowls of the pet stay at the out-of-the-way corner. However, the cat doesn’t like to stay at a corner where she can’t see anything. On the contrary, they love those places where they can see everything and do not need to be concerned about anybody sneaking behind.

Cat Hydration: Always Give Fresh Water

If the water remains in the bowl for a long time, it will naturally gather dirt and dust particles. These compel the kitty not to touch the water. So, always pour fresh water every day, once or twice.

Cat Hydration: Do Cats Drink Water
Cat Hydration: Do Cats Drink Water

Cat Water Fountain Is Good For Cat Hydration

 You should know that cats love it drink running water. Thus, a cat water fountain makes the water quite exciting as well as satisfying. It, in turn, makes your kitty drink more water.

Wet Food Is A Good Option

If you are thinking making your kitty drink more water is the only way to hydrate it, then you are wrong. You can opt for wet food also. Have you tried the processes mentioned above but all in vain? Then adding wet foods to their diet is an excellent option. It will help your kitty to prevent dehydration and increase the intake of water on the whole.

So, remember that water is vital for the survival of the cats. If your kitty is not drinking water, it is better to take help from the veterinarian. Also, consult your vet before changing any of its food.

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