Cat Care Tips – How To Keep Your Cat From Being A Super-Playful Cat

Cat Care Tips - How To Keep Your Cat From Being A Super-Playful Cat

A playful cat is a cat who loves to play. It may be playful at playtime or playful at the park or during outdoor playtime with the family. I have a cat, Malika, who likes to do the usual things that all cats do, but she also loves playing around the house with me.

When I was first talking to other cat caretakers, comment about how many times I was willing to try and coax my cat to come into the house after being away for a long time. We have had our cat for about eight years, and it took us a long time to figure out that it was not just me who needed to exercise the cats at home.

Cat Care Tips - How To Keep Your Cat From Being A Super-Playful Cat
Cat Care Tips – How To Keep Your Cat From Being A Super-Playful Cat

Cat Caretakers

Even though many cat caretakers are very busy, cat owners don’t have to wait weeks or months for their cat to come to the door. The key to making your cats playful is to give them something to be playful about. Playfulness makes a cat playful, and no one can deny that.

When a cat is no longer playful but wants to be, many pet owners tend to punish the cat. In most cases, this will work in trying to change a cat’s personality. If you wait too long and the cat becomes wild, you could end up with a violent pet. This is not to say that one should punish a cat, but it is important to remember that physical punishment will only make the cat more agitated.


So if you want to keep your cat from becoming an aggressive cat, it is important first to get your cat to realize that there is a problem with his behavior. You can find this out in a couple of different ways. One way to do this is to get your cat to develop an aversion for something he is doing that is upsetting you.

You can make this occur by keeping this something a secret and then when he does it again, you will quickly find it and stop him from doing it. It could be anything, such as a door handle or even a small toy will cause the problem. Once your cat has developed a strong aversion to the thing, you can quickly move on to other things that will be acceptable.


If you don’t have any secrets that can help with this problem, you can still use the same tactic to get your cat to play with you. Simply apply some pressure and a tone of voice to your cat when it is upset. Make sure that you don’t hurt the cat, but it helps to tell that you are upset.

Even though this doesn’t work on every playful cat, it can work for some. This technique works by making the cat become afraid of something that he usually enjoys. Even though this technique may work on the first few times, many times you will find that it only lasts for a short while.

After this, your cat will become curious about the thing, and it will quickly catch him, and he will begin to ask questions about it. He will continue to be confused as to what he did wrong, and he will soon realize that he is just curious.

Cat Care Tips - How To Keep Your Cat From Being A Super-Playful Cat
Cat Care Tips – How To Keep Your Cat From Being A Super-Playful Cat

Nervous Cat

This is just one example of a way to get a nervous cat to stop. Once your cat has developed a strong enough fear of something, it is important to take steps to stop him from messing with it. For instance, you can get another toy and hand it to your cat and tell it to not touch it.

This works better than the previous strategy because it will bring about an immediate change in the way your cat thinks about the scratching on the certain object. Once your cat understands that he should not scratch this object, it will be much easier to keep him from scratching. And, just like the previous tip, it will be best to use this technique for a short period of time before letting your cat’s curiosity come back. Most cats need a little bit of a push in order to understand that they can’t have what they want and most likely if you have a super playful cat. So get a little bit creative with how you control your cat and use your imagination to come up with ways to change his behavior and make him a playful cat.

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