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Cat care clinic madison is honored to be asked to participate in clinical trials by some of the world’s most reputable pharmaceutical firms to provide the most cutting-edge treatments for cats. When our feline doctors and team are approached with a clinical trial opportunity, we collaborate and only accept those that we believe are safe, low-stress for our cats (and cat owners), which may benefit our patients. We enjoy the advantages of participating in these trials, and we believe you will as well. They aren’t for everyone (or every cat! ), but they are for many a fantastic opportunity with numerous benefits.

Contribute To The Advancement Of Feline Veterinary Medicine.

Cat Care

Many people want to participate in a research trial with their cats to benefit other cats and advance feline veterinary science. When it comes to studies, cats frequently receive the short end of the stick. Perhaps some people believe they are unimportant? Perhaps they aren’t as profitable as large Great Danes and Rottweilers because of their diminutive size, resulting in lower pharmaceutical sales. Regardless, any chance we have to aid our kitties and their future in a responsible manner is a fantastic opportunity.

Make Sure Your Cat Gets The Most Up-to-date Treatment For Its Problem

Cat Care

Your cat can receive the most up-to-date treatment while receiving the care and attention of our professionals. The majority of the clinical trials we engage in are for therapies that have been shown safe and effective in dogs and even humans but require FDA approval for cats. It’s thrilling to be among the first to benefit from these treatments. Yes, some studies use placebos, which means your cat might not benefit. However, keep in mind that we have the right to withdraw your cat from a clinical study at any moment if we believe it is in their best interests to initiate a different treatment or care plan. We will always be on your side when it comes to your cat.

Be Proud Of Your Cat And Form A Bond With It

Keeping a journal of your cat’s behavior or activities, keeping track of their progress, and being more in tune with your cat overall during a study can help humans become closer to them. Clients are often quite proud of their cats for participating in a trial, and it may be something to be proud of and remember for a long time. We enjoy spending time with you and your pet even more!

Exams, Tests, Comprehensive Care, And Treatment Are All Provided At No Cost

Your cat will be extensively assessed both at the start and throughout the clinical trial. It can help you better understand your health and ensure that nothing changes during the study. When the expense of laboratories or testing is a barrier for you, this is typically a significant benefit. We may offer a screening to help defer the costs of tests for our patients who may be candidates for a trial in which we are participating.


Aside from the benefits listed above that are not monetary, clinical trials often provide considerable clinic credit to people who enroll in or finish their studies. You can use our cat care clinic madison for your cat following the research, such as preventative care, dental treatment, food, or other essentials.

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