Cat Breed Facts – Know More About The Savannah Cats

Cat Breed Facts - Know More About The Savannah Cats

The Savannah cats are small, dark-colored cats and are very popular in the U.S. It was first mentioned in 1783 by Samuel Herring, a writer who was living in Savannah, Georgia. His description of a large wild cat found in the Savannah River area is still considered to be the most accurate description of the breed.

Cat Breed Facts - Know More About The Savannah Cats
Cat Breed Facts – Know More About The Savannah Cats

Some Facts About Savannah Cats

Nowadays, these cats are considered part of the larger feline family. They are native to Africa and are found only there.

Diet is important to cats because they need a proper diet that includes a variety of foods. It should be fed from at least four months of age and up to adult size. They have a very sensitive stomach and can overindulge easily. With proper care, Savannahs are active, playful, and great companions.

There is a debate as to whether the Savannah is a pre-pubescent cat or adult cat. Savannahs reach their full size at about six years of age, though they are usually described as being well-trained when they are about one-year-old. They are very protective of their young.

The Savannahs are small cats and tend to have short coats that look almost like short thick hair. This breed’s coat tends to come in two colors: a brown coat with a slight white tinge or a tan to brown coat with black markings.

Usually Live In Wooded Areas

Like all cats, they have a skin disease called keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KS). This disease is responsible for cats scratching more than other cats. If you are concerned that your cat may have this disease, the best thing to do is to see your vet so that you can rule out kinkajutu.

Savannahs like to live in areas that have not been cleared, such as the wooded areas of today’s habitat. You can find these cats in wooded areas in the mountains and in an area near the ocean where trees have not been cut down. Savannahs do not have a natural need for grass. Though they do enjoy eating the sedges that grow in places where the grass is not available.

They do like to hunt for food, especially since they live in an area that is not very suited for wild cat consumption. Savannahs prefer fresh vegetation, such as leaves, buds, and fruits. But they also seem to enjoy fresh fish, especially when they are quite young.

Cat Breed Facts - Know More About The Savannah Cats
Cat Breed Facts – Know More About The Savannah Cats

Highly Intelligent Cat Breed

As with all cats, Savannahs are highly intelligent and play a lot of games. Some experts think that it takes these cats more time than normal to master this ability. Others argue that they simply have the memory required for this game.

Savannahs are social cats. They like to be with other animals, particularly children. However, you should not expect them to socialize well with children.

Some breeds of Savannahs are more likely to suffer from skin problems. Since they have dry skin, they might have problems with dandruff. So be sure to have your cat bathed and brushed regularly.

One thing you should know about Savannahs is that they have a high metabolism. It means that their energy level can drop if they are not fed a regular diet and get a little exercise. So it is important to provide some form of exercise or play for your cat. Give them a good book or a ball to play with.

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