Cat Bites And Scratches

Cat Bites And Scratches: Treatment And Precaution

If you are a cat owner, then cat bites and scratches are common. But you should not overlook them. Bites and scratches can lead to infections and swelling; therefore, it can be severe. One must, therefore, take medical help before it is too late.

Cat Bites And Scratches: Treatment And Precaution

Sign Of Cat Bites And Infections

Redness- if the redness exists around the wound, then this can be a sign of blood poisoning.
Heat- check and make sure that the wounded part, even if not red, is not warmer than the other areas. This is because the temperature near the infected area increases even before redness occurs.
Odor- some wounds start smelling because of the infection. Check the wound for any foul smell and infection.
Pus- check the wound for any pus that looks like a pimple. This may be a sign of infection. Consult the doctor immediately.
Fever- due to infection and the delay in treatment, the temperature is standard. One must, therefore, consult the doctor immediately.

Treating Cat Bites At Home

If the doctor is not available, don’t panic. There is something that one can do at home.
Wash hands with an antiseptic soap and also put on rubber gloves.
Apply pressure on the wound if it is bleeding.
After the bleeding stops, wash it with antibacterial soap and water. Moreover, use running water to clean.
After rinsing the wound sterilize it with Betadine. This will, moreover, stop the infection from spreading.
Apply an antibiotic cream on the wound.
Cover the area with a proper doctor recommended dressing. Furthermore, keep an eye on it for any infection.

Humans And CSD (Cat Sharing Diseases)

Ringworm- is a fungal infection on the skin and also standard on cats’ skin. It may not always be contagious for people, but proper care is necessary.
Intestinal infections- The cat owner can be a victim of food poisoning because of the cat. Salmonella and campylobacter infection is common in cats who eat raw food or hunts birds. They, in turn, can pass these infections to their owners.
Worms and parasites- hookworms and roundworms are common in cats; those who stay in a garden or mud for a long time. They can pass these worms to their owners.
Care and precautions

Cat owners are at high risk of infections and cat-related diseases. They must maintain a boundary line with their cats. Diseases from a cat can be a simple infection or severe, like blindness or lung disease. They must, therefore, keep their vaccination on the check. Cat owners must also take the cat to visit the veterinary doctor more often.

Cat Bites And Scratches: Treatment And Precaution


Each pet is lovely and a family member. But their owners must take maximum care of them to stay safe and keep the family healthy. Most of the households have a cat as a pet. The cat looks lovely and cuddly, but often they bite or scratch their owners. So before it is too late, it is always advisable to visit a doctor when it bites. They must also stay away from kids and ill people.

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