Care Of Kittens: How To Take Care Of Them

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Nobody can resist a tiny soft, fluffy kitten. Their soft ears and pearly eyes will make you love them. Kittens are extra small in size. Therefore, you need to take care of kittens at that age. Taking care of this tiny can be challenging, but at the same time, it’s rewarding. Kittens need proper nurture and attention while they grow. Here are some good practices on how to take care of a kitten.

Best Age To Adopt

The best age to adopt a kitten is when they are ten to twelve weeks young. At this age, they start eating liquid food. All kittens have a different personality, and they could be shy or playful. Moreover, try to understand your kittens’ nature. However, that’s the first step on how to take care of kittens.

Care Of Kittens-How To Take Care Of Them

                              Care Of Kittens: How To Take Care Of Them

Pre-Kitten Prep

You need to kitten proof the house before you get a kitten. Remove items that the kitten might chew on. Some other tips to take care of kitten are:

Store away all wires and cords

Keep acetaminophen away

Keep all the rodent traps away

Close all the cabinet doors

Kitty’s lair

Maintain a safe and secure place to take care of a kitten. Keep away toys, small things for a few weeks. Let it adjust to the area and people. Kittens are very energetic, so keep a close eye on it. Place a little cloth or blanket for the kitten to sleep. Give enough place, so that the kitten can play. These are the best practices to take care of kittens.

Meet The Kin

Now that the kitten is familiar with the location, its time to introduce the family. Let it get accustomed to their touch and smell. Educate your young ones to take care of the kitten. However, never leave the kitten unsupervised when playing for safety concerns.

Can We Stalk?

It’s quite common for cats to explore their environment. So, let it. Take the kitten through all the rooms, and even the outside. But always keep an eye on them. Kittens are quite energetic and can run away quickly.

Open 24 Hours.

Kittens need a lot of nutrients. Primarily, they need protein. You need to feed them multiple times a day. Kittens love milk and fish. Instead of feeding them fish directly, ty using wet canned foods. Good quality food will make the kitten grow strong and healthy. Hence, good food is needed to take care of kittens.

Care Of Kittens-How To Take Care Of Them

                              Care Of Kittens: How To Take Care Of Them

Mind Her Business

Now that the kitten has had her full, its time to introduce it to the litter box. Help the kitten to dig with its paws in the litter box. Moreover, this way, they will get familiar with it.

First Check-Up

It’s always advised taking the kitten to a veterinarian. Get your kitten checked for mites, fleas, and parasites. Furthermore, do all the vaccinations before taking it home. The doctor will also tell you the best time to neuter the kitten.

Here Kitty, Kitty

Just like dogs, you can train your kitten. Make the kitten understand when you call it, or any other commands. These are the best method to take care of kittens.


We have seen some good practices to follow to take care of kittens. However, now take care of your kitten and enjoy every precious moment with your kitten.

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