Newborn Kitten Care


Nobody can resist a tiny soft, fluffy kitten. Their soft ears and pearly eyes will make you love them. Kittens are extra small in size. Therefore, you need to follow good practices for newborn kitten care. Taking care of Kittens can be challenging, but at the same time, it’s rewarding. Kittens need proper nurture and attention while they grow. Here are some good practices on newborn kitten care.

Is It Easy To Feed A Kitten?

Newborn kitten care can be tricky, especially when feeding the kitten. All young kittens love to feed on their mothers’ milk. But in case the kitten is separated from the mother, then you need to consult a veterinarian. They will guide you to the best milk formulae depending on the cat’s breed. Never offer cow’s milk to a newborn kitten.

What Do Feed Newborn Kittens

Milk is the best source of energy for the kitten. Once it is two to three weeks old, you can start giving moist food. After a week, you can provide it kitten canned food. You can also give meat and fish. One thing for sure is that they love eating fish. It is the best practice to follow on newborn kitten care.

How Often Should A Kitten Eat

  • For newborn kitten care, you need to feed the kitten after every two hours.
  • Once they are three weeks old, give them moist food at least five times a day.
  • After they grow big, you can start giving them canned foods. Four times a day should suffice for the kitten’s hunger.
  • Once they become a cat, start giving it food three times a day.

How To Keep A Newborn Kitten Warm?

For newborn kitten care, it is essential to keep it warm. You can start by cleaning it with a warm towel. A heating pad is right to warm up kittens.

How Is The Average Weight Of A Newborn Kitten?

If you follow good newborn kitten care practices, then your kitten should weigh between 3 to 3½ ounces. It is different for different breeds. But if the weight of the kitten is less or more, then kindly see a veterinarian.

Is It Safe To Hold A Kitten?

Best Practices For Newborn Kitten Care
Best Practices For Newborn Kitten Care

We recommended that you should never hold kittens when they are less than one week old. Their bones and muscles are fragile, so they should not be touched. It would be best if you left it with its mother. After one week, you can carry it gently. It is important to note that kittens are a small and fragile animal. So, we should take care when holding them.

How To Teach My Kitten To Go To The Bathroom?

Best Practices For Newborn Kitten Care
Best Practices For Newborn Kitten Care

The most annoying part about kittens is that it is tough to teach them to go to the bathroom. Teaching them is the trickiest step in newborn kitten care. It is impossible to teach them to go to the bathroom. Once they are more than three weeks old, you can teach them to use the litter box.

Newborn Kitten Care: Conclusion

We have seen some good practices for newborn kitten care. Now take care of your kitten and enjoy every precious moment with your kitten.

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