Adopt A Kitten – Tips For The Mother Cat Lover

Adopt A Kitten - Tips For The Mother Cat Lover

Did it ever cross your mind to adopt a kitten? In adopting a kitten, you are adopting a special animal who will be loved by you forever. Kittens enjoy the warmth of their mothers. And, when you are ready to give birth, it is a joyous occasion for your kitty.

The Joy When You Adopt A Kitten

You will feel joyful as you welcome your kitten home. Of course, there is a new arrival of many kittens, so how do you select a kitty that will fit in well with your family? You must also know that a stray may turn into a confined one. Before you can adopt a kitty, you need to be prepared.

After the birthing process, all of the new moms will leave their litter box. You need to be on the lookout for a good fit and be flexible. You need to recognize the different types of kitties by watching their behavior patterns. But, don’t be surprised if the first few days you cannot recognize your new furball.

Adopt A Kitten – Tips For The Mother Cat Lover

When Is The Best Time?

The best time to adopt a kitten is just before the kitty has reached the age of twelve weeks old. At this age, they can decide for themselves. Also, if you intend to do all the kitty care, you can adopt a kitten. So, start thinking of getting ready as early as possible. There are three main types of kitties you can choose from.

If you are looking for a young one as a gift, the majority of kitties will accept this. They are good family companions and adore playing. Kittens love to play outdoors, especially outside their house, to avoid getting sunburned. It’s best to remember this as the last thing to do as the kittens often get sunburnt and need to stay indoors away from the hot sun.

Kittens are very sociable and friendly, but they must learn to come when called. Do not worry about them. But, the mother and kittens need to stay together. The easiest way to start is for you to take the kittens to the grooming parlor together.

Adopt A Kitten – Tips For The Mother Cat Lover

Introducing Your Kittens To Many Things

Introduce the mother with the kittens, after they are all bathed and brushed. You must also ask if the mother likes kittens. After seeing the mother accepting the kittens, place the mother and kittens in the cage together.

To introduce the kittens into the litter box, place them gently into the cage. Remember not to force the mother to come near the litter box. When the mother comes near, the kittens should be quiet. If the mother refuses to allow the kitten to use the litter box, then you need to go and check that the mother’s litter box is clean.

Note that even the best mothers can give birth to a litter of cats, so your kittens can see you and the mother. They will also get used to the smell and the look of you. Once they are ready to breed, they will want to go to the litter box, too.

All that you have to do is let the female kitten have her meal, then you will have kittens all to yourself. It’s a good thing, you can also teach the kittens to clean up after themselves by wiping their paws.

Adopt A Kitten – Tips For The Mother Cat Lover

After the kittens have grown enough, it’s time to adopt a kitty. They are ready to be adopted after they reach around four weeks of age. Before you adopt a kitty, you must carefully examine its behavior. Look for its personality, how much they like to play, their temperament, etc.

Before you adopt a kitty, make sure that you know that cats do not mix well with other animals. If you know that your family already has a cat or if you already have an exotic pet at home, then adopt a kitten instead. Also, note that they are not suitable for families with children. One can only see how friendly and affectionate these animals are when they see them as part of the family.

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