About Black Cats: An Amazing Guide

Amazing Cat Facts You May Not Know About

Black cats are beautiful, lovable, and always entertaining. They have a silky, glossy coat that is so luxuriant that many cat owners claim it resembles lace. These gorgeous coats are also easy to spot due to their color. In this article, we will study about black cats and some amazing facts related to them. Let’s check out.

What Are Black Cats?

Black cats are domestic cats with black fur. The fur can be solid or have white roots. Well, the fur of the solid black cat can be brownish-black, coal-black, or grayish black. If a cat has a black coat with white roots, it is called ‘black smoke.’

About Black Cats: An Amazing Guide
About Black Cats: An Amazing Guide

The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) of North America has recognized 22 cat breeds that have solid black coats. Most solid-colored cats are produced as a result of a recessive gene that is known to suppress the tabby pattern.

Well, black cats are superior predators that can kill any prey that they choose, including birds, mice, rats, even smaller animals such as rabbits. They also have a higher survival rate than any other color.

Why Should You Own A Black Cat?

Some breeders say that if their kittens are white, the black color on the ears and head will make them less attractive to the owners. However, this ignores the fact that the black coat would be even more noticeable. In reality, many pet owners love to adopt black cats rather than any other colored cat.

People who have owned a black cat claim that black is the color of purity and innocence. Maybe prefer the appearance of dark hair on dark hairs because they believe that the darker fur is less likely to itch become messy. Also, people who own black cats think that they are smarter. Well, the felines are usually smarter than white cats but not always. One explanation for this is that the modern color pattern that we have in most cats has caused some recessive genes to be eliminated.

It is very important to note that some people who own a black cat do not know that they have a black cat until it dies. These cats are still in high demand for those who love cats as they are very lovable. You might find yourself falling in love with your cat even though you did not know that it was a black one!

Popular Black Cat Breeds 

Although there are many breeds of black cats, you can consider getting one from these popular breeds.

Bombay Cat

Known for their jet black glossy coat, Bombay kitties resemble the panther, their distinctive relative. They have big, bright eyes, and have an amazing appearance.

Sphinx Black Cat

These cats are playful and have a bold personality. They lack fur but are good looking.


These cats are perfect family cats long for their longhair and stunning looks.

About Black Cats: An Amazing Guide
About Black Cats: An Amazing Guide


If you are looking for a black cat that will talk, go for Chantilly-Tiffany. These cats are not at all mischievous and require occasional grooming only.

When it comes to cats, it does not matter what color it is. However, a black cat has a charm of its own that is sure to enthrall you!

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