8 Amazing Facts About Tabby Cat


If you love tabby cat, then there are some excellent facts that you will also love to know about these furry friends. Tabby cats are unique felines. They are classic pet cat. Here are those cool facts of your beautiful tabby cat that you will make your day:

8 Amazing Facts About Tabby Cat
8 Amazing Facts About Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat As Popular Cat Pattern

These cats with tabby coats are more in the world than other felines. The reason can be because they are among very first domestic cats. The colors of these cats are great for camouflaging in the wild during hunting and for hiding from any predators. The big felines like leopards and tigers also have these tabby patterns for preying.

Name Came From Baghdad

Yes, the name tabby cat came from Baghdad. In Baghdad, there are people who make stripped silk, and from that, the name “tabby” came. However, the possibilities of the origin of the name are many. The striped silk is from “Attabiy” district in the Baghdad area, and the Middle French people used to call it as “atabis”. Soon after that, the word turned into “tabis”. Later on, it is translated into English as “tabby”.

8 Amazing Facts About Tabby Cat
8 Amazing Facts About Tabby Cat

Unique Patterns Of Tabby Cat

There are four distinct patterns of these tabby cats: ticked, blotched, striped, and mackerel. Yes, you guessed it right, they look very different from each other. Among them, most common are the blotched patterns on our furry friends. The blotched tabby cats are called as marbled or classic tabbies.

They Are Of Various Colors

Our little tabby cats come in various coat of colors. Most common among the tabbies are those with black-based coats. But when it comes to pigment, there are variations. So, that’s why there are grey, black and orange tabbies.

Not All Have Solid Patterns

Not all tabby cats have solid tabby patterns. There are many spotted cats or piebald. These cats have tabby spots over there white coat-of-fur.

8 Amazing Facts About Tabby Cat
8 Amazing Facts About Tabby Cat

Not A Breed

Tabby cats are not any breed themselves. You will find these patterns in various breeds like the Abyssinians, Maine Coons, British, American Shorthairs, and Bengals along with many more.

Religious Stories About The “M”

Every tabby cat has an “M” pattern on its forehead and about it there you will found various religious stories. However, each of these stories is the same at the end and just varies with faith. The Christian story goes like this, once a tabby cat comforted and warmed up the baby Jesus while he was shivering. So, Mary marked the feline with the “M” as gratitude. They would be forever remembered for the duty they have played. In the world of Islam, Muezza, a tabby cat saved the life of his master by hunting down a snake. That snake crawled into the sleeves of Mohammed. After that, they are remembered with the “M” in their forehead.

“M” Is Genetic In A Tabby Cat

Do you know that the patterns of the tabby cats are all in their genes? So, long before actual hair start to develop the patterns get prominent. It is totally like wild felines, jaguars, leopards, and tigers. These wild felines have defined spot and stripe patterns in their body, so does these cats. Their patterns are written in their DNAs. The “M” on their forehead is a standard pattern on tabby cats.

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