7 Biggest Domestic Cats

7 Biggest Domestic Cats

When we say top, it simply connotes the best! Domestic cats are trending and are being loved by pet owners across. Let’s run through the top large cats you.

Domestic cats are known, and a lot of people are getting hooked owning one. Historically, it is believed that they descended from wildcats of Africa. Now different breeds of cats appear all over the world. Cats nowadays differ in builds, coats, sizes, and patterns. Today, we will run through the top cats according to their size.

Different Types of Big Domestic Cats

7 Biggest Domestic Cats
7 Biggest Domestic Cats

Maine Coon

This type of cat is one of the largest breeds but doesn’t have a relationship in wild cats. This breed is friendly and graceful. They also weight around 10 pounds to 25 pounds depending on their gender. Also, they are tall and has a longer body build.


This kind of breed is well-known because of its built. Savannah cats are the largest recognized cat today. It is believed that Savannah’s are cross breed of Serval (a wild cat) and Siamese. If you are thinking to buy or own one, you might encounter issues with the government as they expressed some concern in hunting and roaming nature of this type. This kind of domestic cat usually weight around 30 pounds and is the size of a small dog.


Sweet, calm, longhaired and large feline. They are excellent companions at home and usually weight 10 pounds to 20 pounds depending on their gender again.

7 Biggest Domestic Cats
7 Biggest Domestic Cats


These breeds of domestic cats are commonly related to Ragdolls. Ragamuffins have strong built with dense muscles. They weigh 10 to 20 pounds too.

Norwegian Forest

This breed came from Norway and are longhaired. They are similar to Maine Coon and are popular in the UK. They are common in cold countries and are very long. They grow more than 15 pounds.

Siberian Cat

This is one of the cat breeds considered as a good choice for those who suffered allergic reactions. Generally, Siberian cats are built cats with an average weight of 8 pounds to 12 pounds.

American Bobtail

This breed of domestic cats has different varieties like American, Kurilian, and Japanese but they are not related. Bobtail cat has a genetic mutation. They are the largest Bobtail cats and weighs 12 pounds to 17 pounds.

7 Biggest Domestic Cats
7 Biggest Domestic Cats

Domestic Cats Health

Few of the mixed breeds of cats can have the same sizes and also weighs the same. The top cat breeds mentioned above are naturally big and large because of their origin. On the other hand, if you don’t know the cat’s breed and their background, it is essential that you make some research on their health especially their height and weight. It is also important that you make sure that your feline has a monthly vet check-up for her or his weight. Make sure that you monitor the weight of domestic cats to avoid being obese. And also, to prevent any health risks in the future.

So, with the cat’s breed mentioned above, hope you have your choice of domestic cats breed for your home. There are several animal care shelters that you can visit; perhaps you can find one for your family.

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