5 Fun Facts About The Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx Cat is among many that are very active. Like many other standard cat breeds out there, they love to play and fool around with their owners or with kids. Apart from them being a great companion and lap cat, they like interactive toys.

They make great friends for kids. They are very gentle, sweet, and love to cuddle with anyone they feel close to. Because they are hairless, they like seeking warmth from their owners.

5 Wonderful Fun Facts about the Sphynx Cat

They require protection from the Sun

Unlike most other cat breeds, the Sphynx does not have an outer layer of fur to protect them from the sun or cold weather. It’s very important that these guys get protection from the sun especially, as their skin is susceptible to the rays of the sun.

If they want to go outside, you can put some sunscreen on their skin, especially on the brightest times of the day. Just like a child that you need to protect from the sun, your hairless companion needs some love too.

Hairless Cats are not totally hairless

Just because these cats are hairless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are totally hairless. These cats aren’t entirely hairless without some fur on their skin, which resembles a thin layer of down.

Some hairless cats have certain parts of their body covered with small areas of fur. These can be found usually on their chest, or their tails. Some breeds of hairless cats grow these during winter.

5 Wonderful Fun Facts about the Sphynx Cat

Hairless cats are prone to Skin Irritation

Sphynxs are very prone to a number of skin conditions. Since they are in fact hairless animals, its very easy for their skin to get scratched. They are prone to urticaria pigmentosa, which is a skin condition that causes the animal to get red bumps or itching.

If you already have one at home or you are just about to get one for yourself, and you find a few red patches on your cat’s skin, you have to make sure that you get them to the vet as soon as possible. The soon as you get them to the vet, the sooner that their condition can be treated with the proper medicine and care.

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