5 Reasons Why Cat’s Meow Constantly


Worried why your cat’s meow? Are you thinking of them being part of the crazy cat club? Well, your feline needs attention and care as often if that so.

Different factors may affect why cat meows differently. Environment, hunger, stress, or age are simply just a few. It needs time to understand the reason why they make such sounds. And to understand these reasons.

Crazy Cat Meowing: Top 5 Reasons Why 

Five Reasons Why Cat’s Meow Constantly
Five Reasons Why Cat’s Meow Constantly

Attention Seeker

Cats are asking for their owners’ attention.  Felines are attention seeker especially when they are bored and is looking for a playmate. Don’t respond in every cat meow, let them finish. And if your cat did not stop meowing, leave her or him until your crazy cat calmed down. However, you should only leave when the cat continuously meows.   


Sometimes cats’ meow because they are not feeling well. Keep in mind that meowing is their one channel to communicate to you. Even if the cats or other animals are good in disguising their sickness, excessive meows without the appetite to eat. This is a sign that you need to seek medical assistance and have them check.


Well, these are the common reason why cat meows. They are starving. When they see that their cat bowl is empty and they feel the hunger, they will meow continuously. Make sure that your cat is getting proper nutrition. Give them food three times a day and ensure that their bowl is also full of water.

Five Reasons Why Cat’s Meow Constantly
Five Reasons Why Cat’s Meow Constantly


Cats just like other animals can feel stress as well. New environment, changes within the household, new community, new faces, and new pets can cause these. When your cat meows due to these changes, it will only mean one thing – they are not feeling at ease and uncomfortable or ‘I don’t like what is happening here’ mood. Cats will not tell you what he or she likes. You need to know your cat’s behavior and learn if they change their mood. You should know their reaction as well to other pets inside the house.


You have to understand that because of age, cat’s meow because of confusion. They are like us, and they seem to become forgetful as they age. First, cat meow is normal not unless they overdo it. They usually meow to show their feelings and emotions. And also, they meow because they want you to pay attention to them. They meow to communicate. If the meows are continuous and you see that they are uncomfortable and feeling sick, rush them to the nearest vet clinic so they will be check.

Five Reasons Why Cat’s Meow Constantly
Five Reasons Why Cat’s Meow Constantly

Cats are a good companion at home. They are affectionate and aloof to other people that they don’t know. Cats are sweet and affectionate. They are perfect pets at home. One of the first thing that you need to know about them are their behavior. Study how they communicate with you. This way you will understand each meow they sound. Cats are cute pets. They walk with grace and you will understand easily what they want from you. �

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