5 Most Expensive Cat Breeds That Will Steal Your Heart

most expensive cat breeds

Are you a cat lover? Here we have the top 5 most expensive cat breeds that will entice you even more. Cats are one of the easily found animals, at least in India. But, do you think that you know all the breeds of cats? If yes, then you might have to think again. Here are some facts to let you know that the cat is not an ordinary animal; it’s a special one.

There are approximately 71 cat breeds known till date.

Amur leopard, a cat, is the rarest cat found ever.

Cats are one of those animals who prefer to live in such areas where they can keep in touch with humans.

According to HSUS, there are about 94.2 million felines, of which only 4 percent are purchased from breeders.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds Ever

A close up of a cat

1. The Ashera

A close up of a cat


Price Range: $22000 — $ 125000

2. Savannah

Solid dark spots all over the body, huge ears, long legs, curious and intelligent, with a next-level energy are some of the features of this second most expensive cat ever. Its weight can be up to 30 lbs. And it only consumes raw meat. The most special thing about this cat is, it holds a Guinness World Record for the World’s Tallest Domestic Cat.

Price Range: $ 10,000 — $ 25,000

3. Toyger Cat

The name ‘Toyger’ is a combination of ‘toy’ and ‘tiger,’ as it looks like a toy tiger. It is a kind of Bengal cat with short striped hair. Toyger cat is fully domestic. Elongated toes that create a tiger gait, short front legs, and enhanced night vision are some of its features.

Average Price (approx.): $ 5000

4. Bengal Cat

Price Range: $4000 — $10,000

5. Persian Cat

Persian cats are one of the oldest and popular breeds of cats, and glamorous too. It’s not a climber or a jumper, but it loves to play. Persian cats are blessed with a melodious voice, long flowing hair, and a sweet personality. It prefers keeping her fours on the floor. It is a high maintenance cat due to several health problems or need of regular care.

Price Range: $ 1,800 — $ 5,500

Summing Up

Cats are currently the number one choice of people when it comes to adopting a domestic animal. You can bring them home too. But remember to give them enough love and care. While you know about the most expensive cat breeds now, adopt, don’t just shop.

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