4 Ways To Improve Potty Training Kittens

Potty training kittens

Potty training Kittens is easier than potty training puppies to use the toilet outside. Many times, the new kitten is already familiar with the correct action of using the toilet by watching their mother cat do it. They are also aided by their powerful natural instincts that drive them to need to bury their mess.

You don’t have to worry too much about this because the kitten is very easy to potty train. The trick to this is patience. If the training is done too soon, the kitten might not be ready for a toilet all by itself.

Things to consider before picking potty training kittens
4 Ways To Improve Potty Training Kittens

When To Potty Train Kittens

Kittens will have to be potty trained even before they can hold their heads up and see you when you talk to them. If the kittens don’t learn to recognize you when you talk to them, you may have to repeat the process several times before they will understand that you mean to help them. They will soon learn to recognize you once they start seeing you every time you make a sound.

When you start training your kitten, be careful not to let them out of the crate while they are doing their training. This will keep them from running off to the toilet and injuring themselves when they get back. Letting them out of their crate will cause them to feel like they need to urinate and this can cause injury.

Some kittens, however, are shy and will do better with potty training when they have someone to accompany them. This is especially true if the kitten is young. If you have an adult who is willing to sit there with the kitten for the training process, the kitten is sure to gain confidence and eventually learn to hold their bladder.

How To Use Potty Training Kittens

After you have given the kitten in a litter box to use, take him or her to the potty place and set aside some time for him or her to go to the toilet. When she has been using the box for a time, tell her to go to the toilet. and then praise her the cat and tell her that you are pleased with the job that you did.

After several outings of potty training Kittens, give her another chance to go to the toilet. Don’t expect her to learn to do it immediately though. Be patient and have patience.

Once the kitten has become accustomed to using the toilet, you can try some of the potty training toys to help her understand what you want. If you have an adult to help with potty training Kittens, it will be easier to make the training more realistic and effective.

Keep in mind that potty training kittens can be done at home or at a kennel. You don’t want to punish your kitten by taking her to a kennel when she has used the wrong potty. That is just going to cause stress and frustration for both you and your kitten.

Use The Potty To Take Kitten On A Walk

When you are away from home, take your kitten to the litter box to use the potty and take her for a walk. Do this several times a day.

Best potty training kittens
4 Ways To Improve Potty Training Kittens

Potty training kittens require consistency and patience. Your kitten will become used to being able to go to the potty at the correct time and place. When you come home, let her know that you will come back for her and let her know that you expect her to do the trick that you want her to do when you return.

To help potty training kittens, you can use a timer. This way you can vary your return visits to the potty and make it a bit different every time you go. Remember that consistency and patience are essential when potty training kittens.

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