4 Most Popular Cat Breeds

There are a lot of Cat Breeds out there, although the ranking for each of these breeds changes for every year, most of the same breeds appear on the same list almost all the time.

Are you curious to know which are the most popular? If you are looking for a pet cat that will catch your attention that you are willing to buy or adopt, but you do not know which one is the best, then you are in luck because you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the most common cat breeds and their most distinctive qualities. Take a look at these:

4 Most popular Cat Breeds you should take a look at

Cat Breeds: Persian Cats

We all know how gorgeous the Persian cat is. With its glamorous coat, adorable scrunched up nose, with the matching sweet personality to go with it, this cat has been voted one of the most lovable and popular cat breeds.

Contrary to popular belief that the Persian is high maintenance, these cats require a safe space to live in, a serene environment, and a loving owner. These cats need to feel safe at all times, and will also be one source of happiness for you as an owner.

The Persian gets along with almost all animals and is the perfect lap cat as well. So, if you are looking for a cat that you can snuggle with, this guy will be your best choice.

Regular maintenance is needed as well to prevent shedding of fur.

Cat Breeds: Exotic Cats

For those who love the Persian because of the sweet and calm personality, will like the look of exotic cats. The best part about it is, exotic cats don’t require that much maintenance and grooming, because they normally do not have thick coats.

Exotic cats are usually bred and especially to resemble the look and feel of the Persian, just minus all the maintenance. If you are looking for something that is remotely close, this will be your best choice, including the sweet, affectionate, and quiet personality.

Cat Breeds:  Maine Coon  

Have you fantasized about having the biggest cat? Well, all your dreams will soon come true with the Maine Coon. This big cat breed is among the biggest of the cat world and is also referred to as the gentle giant.

The Maine Coon is the result of a cross breed between an Angora which is referred to a longhaired cat, and an American domestic cat. These big cats are brought to other countries straight out Europe.

They are among the most gentle and sweetest cat breeds as well, which make them the perfect companions for children and elderly folk. It’s also the second most popular breed in America and makes a great lap cat – Well if you can handle all its weight that is.

4 Most popular Cat Breeds you should take a look at

Cat Breeds: British Short Hair

Considered the oldest English Breed of cats, the British Shorthair was the only pedigreed cat breed featured in most cat shows. They are very active animals, and are also a good choice for your household, especially if you have children.

They are very gentle, and not docile. While the most common color for them is blue, they also come in a variety of colors.

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