3 Things Only Cat Owners Would Understand

Cats are among our favorite animals second to dogs. They’re cute, funny, sweet, and adorably cuddly. Each cat has its own characteristics, which make him or her unique. Just like your best friend, cats can have that judgmental personality as well.

But there are also some things about a cat that only a dedicated owner will truly understand and relate with. Some of those facts are so relatable, that other cat owners share the same feelings.

Whether it would be something funny, cute, or out of this world disgusting, like picking up poop in a box somewhere around the house, and picking up a half chewed up mouse, together all of these things will make up that joy as a cat owner no matter how messy.

If you think about it, there are more funny things than bad or plain good. Are you dying to know what these things are? Read on for a funny, weird and concerning piece of information. Take a look at these:

3 Things Only Cats can do to their owners

Every cat owner would know what it feels like to be covered in fur

Every cat owner knows the struggle when your cat latches on to you, and you end up with a wad full of fur on your clothes. In fact, cat fur doesn’t latch on to just your clothes, but also your furniture and other household items.

After so many attempts to keep yourself free of cat hair along with your other belongings, it’s not worth the effort anymore. Even after using a lint roller, or even a vacuum you just stopped caring.

That’s completely normal though, all cat owners love their cats regardless of all the shedding, and it comes with the responsibility of being a cat parent. Interestingly enough, having a patch of fur on your clothes feels like your more connected with your cat than ever. It’s like talking to your kitty, which is kind of refreshingly sweet.. Wouldn’t you think?

The need to put any household item on top of any surface is no longer an option

If your tube has taught us anything, it’s not to leave anything solid or breakable on top of any surface where our cats might reach it. It’s because our cats will only end up knocking them off the counter or any high surface for that matter.

Looking to put that really nice vase on the table? Nope. Your cat is just going to knock it over. Have you left your phone on your bedside table? Think again that might break.

It’s funny how our cats just end up annoying us after knocking something over, but we still love them for it. Any cat owner can relate the feeling of a love-hate relationship with their cats.

3 Things Only Cats can do to their owners

Cat butt flaunting no longer bothers you

Let’s face it, as cat owners, we often come face to face with our cat’s butts more than we would have expected. We get up and personal despite it being a little gross. But keep in mind that its actually a good thing to have your cat’s butt in your face, because it would mean that she likes you enough to do that.  AS funny as that sounds!

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