3 Long Hair Cat Breeds That Can Make You Fall In Love With Them

Long Hair Cat Breeds

Are you planning to pet a cute, soft, and fluffy cat in the upcoming days? Then you’ll need long hair cat breeds which have a shiny body. The skin of such cat breeds is like soft and silky velvet coats. However, such cat breeds are not ideal for everyone.

Sometimes the softness and grooming of such cats can be challenging and frustrating for everyone. They require daily shampooing and grooming to keep the hair bacteria and tangle-free. Plus, they are highly vulnerable to skin allergies and skin rashes. If you are still in love with these beautiful creatures, below is the list of the best long hair cat breeds.


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Birman is also known as the ‘Sacred Cat Of Burma,’ commonly found in Myanmar. This cat breed is the feathery version of the young Siamese with minor differences in the paws. Those cute looks and charming blue eyes can make anyone fall in love with Birmans. Birman is very intelligent, bushy, and has a friendly nature.

Sometimes Birman is super lazy in the winters and will see him/her yawning round the clock. Furthermore, these cats are very quiet and less annoying compared to other cat breeds. This cat breed is very gentle and less anxious, perfect for a small family. The best features about Birman is the long shiny hair and less annoying nature.


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As you already know, Birman and Siamese look almost the same, but Balinese is also identical to these cat breeds. Balinese is very similar to the hybrid version of Mink and Siamese cat. The only drawback of Balinese is this breed doesn’t get comfortable with new people.

But, if your toddlers are fond of cats, then Balinese is the best choice. Siamese cousin breed looks similar to Balinese, but there are some differences. Balinese is very quiet in nature and interact less even when needed. Balinese’s softest part is the tail, and the mesmerizing blue eyes are super charming.

As per the lighting, Balinese’s blue eyes change to chocolate, lilac, and seal colors. When it comes to grooming, Balinese needs shampoo wash and hair straightening twice a week.

Persian Cat


This cat breed is very loyal, and the dense skin coat can grow up to six inches. Persian cats often suffer from sinus problem because their skull is very bulky with a flat face.

Final Thoughts

Long hair cat breeds are the best addition to any home because they are kid-friendly. Grooming these cat breeds is quite stressful, and you need to seek the assistance of a professional groomer.

Take Care Of Your Feathery Best Friend, And She’ll Love You More And More!

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