3 Fun Facts About White Cats You Should Know

White cats are incredibly majestic. With their soft fur, beautiful eyes, and elegant body, they have basically considered a feline piece of art. Even though these cats are considered the playboys of the feline world, they are more than looks, but they are also the sweetest and most gentle.

In fact, white cats have a pretty rich history and are considered to be good luck as well all over the world. If you are considering getting one for yourself, then you would want to know more about them and how they are with people. You’re in luck because you came to the right place.

In this article, we will be discussing three fun facts about the white cat, and how you can take care of your own in the best way possible. Are you ready to know what they are? Read on, and you’ll find out more about them. Take a look at these.

3 Fun Facts about White Cats you should know

There are many breeds out there with white fur coats

Not all white cats are linked to a specific kind of breed. There are many breeds out there with cats that have all white fur coats like the calico or the tortoiseshell cat.  Many cats regardless if they are shorthaired or longhaired, a number of them can be found.

Most common white cats you can find with white coats are the Persians, Turkish Angoras, American short hairs, Siamese, and the Devon Rex. So, you might be curious how they end up with all those gorgeous white fur?

Well, if the cat was born with a dominant W gene, which is known as a masking gene, then it will hide all other colors and patterns on their coat, which is responsible for making its fur all white.

White cats have different colored eyes

You may have seen some white cats before with different colored eyes, some with maybe blue and green, just green, just blue, and a splash of many other colors. Are you curious to know how they end up with these beautiful colored eyes?

Well, its because it’s linked to the melanin production in their bodies. White colored or even those light colored cats will often be born with light colored eyes. Whereas with the white cat, it can come in many different varieties and striking colors, like as we mentioned blue, green, yellow, and even orange.

3 Fun Facts about White Cats you should know

White Cats are Sensitive to the Sun

Did you know that cats could get sunburn too? It’s true! Just like humans, when white cats are under the sun for too long, they can get sunburnt. Not only all white cats, but light-colored cats can get sunburnt, especially on their eyelids, ears, and nose.

This is because they are more prone to developing squamous cell carcinoma, and skin cancer.  If you already have a white cat at home and she likes to sunbathe, make sure to limit her sunbathing time. It’s better to set a schedule, try to limit the time next to all those bright windows between 10 am and 4 pm since the sun will be at it its hottest during those times.

Also, make sure to invest in heavier curtains or drapes, so it can help block the light that comes into the house through your windows.

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