3 Cat Food Recipes That You Can Adjust As Your Cat Grows

cat food recipes

Making your own cat food from scratch can be a great decision if you wish to have more control over exactly what goes in your cat’s meal. It is also beneficial if your cat does have certain nutritional requirements or even allergies that you are having a tough time accommodating to with standard commercial diets. These are just a few of the reasons why people choose to make their own. If this interests you and your cat, then read on for some cat food recipes.

An Overview

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The first thing you need to consider is the type of meat your cat eats. If it is a raw diet, then look for a recipe that emphasizes meat protein. Chicken and beef are by far the most common choices, but there are many others such as venison, duck, and salmon, which also work well. Just remember that the more natural and less processed the broth is, the more nutrients your cat will receive.

There are many vitamins and minerals in pet foods that are completely absent from the canned variety. This can make it very difficult for cats to get all the nutrients they need from a canned food diet. This is where making your own broth from scratch is so beneficial. Commercial brands often use fillers and cheap meats which provide little nutritional benefit at all.

Cat Food Recipe Facts

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Bones are another thing to avoid as they are full of protein but lack other valuable nutrients like calcium, which is essential to maintaining feline health. So instead of using beef bones, try using chicken bones. Even better is using a combination of both. A good one to use is the bone from a chicken and a turkey.

Cat owners will also appreciate the fact that cooked bones contain a large amount of calcium. The problem is that commercially processed bones are void of many of these vital nutrients. If you decide to use bones, don’t overdo it by cooking bones too much or you’ll end up with a cat that suffers from joint problems. You’ll find that your cat will love the way it tastes just as much as you love the way it smells.

Other than bones, meat is also very important in the nutrition of your cat. This means beef, fish and poultry but even with this basic set of ingredients, you’ll find that there are too many unhealthy ingredients in commercial brands to count. If you’re going to use dry ingredients, be sure to read the ingredients carefully before adding any to your cat’s dish. Many manufacturers skip the mention of the sodium or potassium content of their dry ingredients and this can lead to a dangerous level of salt in your cat’s dish. Cats actually prefer sodium as it helps to excrete excess fluids out of their body.

Catnip tea is a popular herbal remedy used to relieve feline urinary tract infections. Although cats love catnip, it can actually make the infections worse. The idea behind using catnip and tea is that both are natural and they act like a tonic to your cat. It helps to boost the immune system and since cats have natural predators, such as foxes, dogs and coyotes that will kill them if they aren’t protected, they get the added protection and thus are less likely to get sick on their own.

In The End

While the above two examples are great and nutritious choices for cat food, remember that it’s not necessary to use only those ingredients. You can make virtually any combination of fruits, vegetables, meats and other ingredients that your heart desires. Why not get creative? Who knows, your cat may just surprise you by eating one of your special creations!

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