2-in-1 Automatic Drinking Water Bottle Pet Bowl

2-in-1 Automatic Drinking Water Bottle Pet Bowl

Drinking water is important for hydration. It is essential for humans and pets as well. The Pet owners know how essential hydration is for the pet especially the young active pets. Whether you take your pet on a long walk, or you love to travel with your pet to pet-friendly destinations, a dog owner should carry a pet bottle to quench their thirst. Most pet water bottles feature dispensers through which the pets can directly drink and do not require a separate bowl.

2-in-1 Automatic Drinking Water Bottle Pet Bowl

Interesting Facts About Dog Drinking Water

Do you know that a one-pound dog requires 2oz of water for adequate hydration? It implies that a 50 lb. The pet should drink at least 30 oz. of water daily. With an active schedule, it is not always possible to ensure that your pet is getting a continuous supply of water. For this reason, automatic water suppliers are of high functional use.

Eco-Friendly & Safe Water Bottles For The Pets

We all love our pet dogs like our children. Their safety is our biggest priority, and the portable automatic drinking water bottle and pet bowl is an ideal one. It is BPA free and eco-friendly. The material is FDA approved and completely safe for pets.  

Portable, Easy To Carry And Convenient

The two in one automatic drinking water pet bowl is designed to give owners convenience in carrying it from place to place. It is light-weight, and the push button dispenses water into the bowl. The lock feature button with silica gel seal rings prevents the water from leakage and spilling. You can carry the dispenser in your bags around. It is easy to use and install anywhere.

Perfect For All Size Dogs And Cats  

The automated drinking water pet bowl comes in 28.5 by 16 cm size by and 31 by 16 cm size. The capacity of the automatic drinking bottle and bowl holds 500ml of water. The water bottles are replaceable with 28mm beverage bottles. It comes in a variety of colors to choose and is ideal for dogs and cats of all sizes, from small, medium to large.

Leak-Proof Automatic Drinking Water Bowl For Pets

It is essential to have a dog water bottle that does not leak. A leaking water dispenser would wet your dog and dogs hate this. They may get unruly and uneasy with it. Hence opt for leak-proof bottles. Also, save the situation of your pet getting dehydrated if all water leaks off.

Drinking Cup Feature

One must be wondering how a dog can drink from a bottle hence the automatic water bottle dispenser water bowl, which fills lightly with the water. It enables the pet dogs to lap up the water happily.

2-In-1 Automatic Drinking Water Bottle Pet Bowl

2-in-1 Automatic Drinking Water Bottle Pet Bowl

The 2-in 1 drinking water bottle pet bowl has the following features which make it highly desirable:

  • It has a siphon principle for automatic drinking water
  • The pet’s mouth and hair will not get wet when they lap water from it.
  • The material is FDA approved and safe for pets
  • The bowl from which the pets lap will be of pure stainless steel
  • It has a capacity of 500 ml.
  • The water bottles are replaceable by 28mm beverage bottles
  • It is easy to use and install
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